Friday, April 15, 2011

Diary of a ranch girl!

Survived prom last week! Fergus and class C prom was on the same day so we were busy girls at the salon....came in around 9:30 and left around are a few pics of some of the girls I did! I la la loved helping get these excited girls ready!

Lunch break!!!

Haeli, Jaxon and I love having our own family home evenings on Sunday.(Since we are the only ones living out here) We loooove building forts and having a candle as our campfire!

Freddie loved it the most!

Haeli and I took Freddie on a walk on the ranch and took pictures of the most random things...this happens to be one of them! This cow would of been really good at Yoga...

JJ teaching me how to drive a mini tractor!

We love the ranch!!! Branding time tomorrow!!


woowoo said...

Can't wait to see you... fun times this weekend! LOVE the pics!!

Panda said...

1. Your hair dos are the bomb diggity!!
2. Love that you have FHE little families!! :-)
3. I loooove little Freddie. Dang it. I wish he know me/me him!:-(
4. I loooove that you girls go on walks and take pics of dead cows doing yoga. :-)
5. I looooove that you can drive a tractor.

weston said...

i miss hanging with you guys so much. this post makes me sad!!

Tyson & Tera Smith said...

Such cute pics, Kenzie! I love the cow one but my fave is of Spur dog. I LOVE that dog just about as much as my own.....I will admit spurdog is a little cooler though (dont tell my dogs).

tialovesmontana said...

You two girls (and j and freddie) are the cutest in the land!