Saturday, June 6, 2009

We Be Wise!

Last night Mckay and I went out and rode a Tandem bike around Provo! (I cut Mckay's hair and we go to cycling class together and he's in my ward. He runs marathons/triathlons etc. all the time, its fun to work out with hard core people!) Funnest thing ever though! We rented it for two hours and in the two hours we rode 20 blocks around Provo, went and ate at Gurus(best food ever), rode down underground parking garages etc! It was a bit windy but all of our cycling classes paid off!
P.S. At Gurus I saw my cousin Camerons name tag! LOved it! Wish you would of been working!
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Panda said...

um...funnest date ever!!

Julia said...

What a great idea Kenz! I love the moving bike photo of you guys...and I like his hair too by the way. Good job as ush.

csue-tingey said...

kenz! so jealous, that looks like it was so much fun! i am still loving my hair! and i get compliments all the time! you're awesome!
ps nope, bobby hasn't called yet! :)