Thursday, June 11, 2009

~Princess Party~

Recently I tried out for the design team at our school. Design team goes around to different events and helps out and tries getting the Paul Mitchell name out. We had an all day even on Wednesday starting at 7:45-4:30 doing Princess hair for all the little girls that came to this Royal event. It was held in Lindon, a grandpa had built this huge park for his granddaughters consisting of so many things from princess stories(a castle, snow whites house, Cinderella's ball room etc...everything you can think of pretty much) He has 40 grandchildren and 35 of them being girls! Lucky girls I'd say! It was a overcast day, so a bit chilly. All of us thought we were going to be inside doing hair but we were out in a parking lot! Kelly, the design team captain, had brought a trunk full of dresses for anyone that needed a dress. I ended up wearing one of her poofy ones with the black t-shirt I was already wearing underneath, I know a little tacky, but I love poofy dresses so it was well worth looking silly for!(At least I was being modest too...right;)) A lot of random pictures I put on but I think we had more fun than all the little girls did!

Some girls made a quick run for some hot chocolate because it was so chilly!
Princess Kara and Faith!
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woowoo said...

Oh, Kenzie, that looks fun!

Julia said...

What a WONDERFUL idea! I bet all the kids wanted to be just like you pretty princesses. I LOVE your black polka dotted dress...super cute Princess Kenzie! xoxo