Sunday, June 14, 2009

Parade # 2~

Orem City Days parade. The DT met again at 6:30 for our night parade. We were a little nervous of all the dark clouds in the background but the rain didn't start till about the last block of the parade.(You can even see the double rainbow in the group picture) We passed out glow sticks at this one and I've never seen so many little kids and moms chase after someone! Moms were yelling at us to please give their child one! Crazy parade parents! We also did quick updo's on girls and mowhawks on guys! We had to have the updo done within 30 seconds to a minute or we'd be left behind and running up to our float! Such a long but fun day!

This is Cros, Rosanne, Amber and I right before the parade. Crosby is the daughter of the Philadelphia Eagles head football coach. She's quite the character!

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woowoo said...

Fun, Kenz! cute pics

Julia said...

Pretty girls...pretty rainbow! :)