Saturday, June 13, 2009

Friday Date Night!

Last night Kara, Devin, Jeff (Devin's brother who recently just got off his mission) and I went on a double date! Had such a fun time with them all, they're all so down to earth! We ate at a gourmet pizza restaurant. All the ingredients are so fresh that they close from 3-5 to go to a local farm and pick fresh vegetables. The crust was so thin it was almost like a chip, but very delicious and healthy!(Not dripping with grease!) After, we drove to Amigo Taco down the road and drank up their fresh strawberry shakes which are seasonal!
We did a lot of random things after, but that's what made it so much fun! (Jumped on the trampoline for an hour, played the Wii, all tried to bench our max, played guitar, learned how to clip into a cycling bike, sat around and chatted!)
Thanks Gagon's for the fun night!~
This is Kara getting a little silly the later the night went on!( I can't say too much though because I was right by her side being just as crazy!)
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Julia said...

Kenzie, you are such a tan babe! Nice color you got there sister. It looks like you guys had a great time. All the yummy frsh food is making my tummy growl. Say "hi" to Jeff for me...he's so sweet! :)

Panda said...

love these date's kenz! now, who are these people? looks like fun!

KeNzIE said...

I go to school with Kara, usually when I go hang out with her and her husband i'm a third wheel, so it was kinda nice not being one this night! haha

The Daniel Gray Fam said...

Don't you love when you have to use your napkin to soak up all the pizza grease? Ick. I don't like eating it out anymore I just make my own. Sounds like a cool pizza place though!