Sunday, June 14, 2009

Parade # 1~

Our Design Team had another all day event on Saturday! We had two parades to be in! This fist one was held in Springville. It had been raining all night but by the time of the parade it was beautiful weather! Our job in the parades was to pass out coupons for free Paul Mitchell shampoo and also do quick updo styles. The little girls loved it! We were all covered in sweat by the end of the parade though! Definitely got a good work out in!
This is Judy our DT leader, she's 50 and honestly don't know where she gets all her energy. She's like this 24-7. I've never seen her not act crazy! While waiting for the parade to start she'd go ask all the cute boys around us if they were single and then bring them over to us trying to set all the single ladies up! She definitely makes all these all day events fun!
Amber and I on the front of a golf cart. We'd gone with Judy and Rosanne to park her car at the end of the parade so we didn't have to walk back. We had about a 7 block walk back to where we were supposed to start. Judy spotted Ronald and asked if we could get a ride. There were seven of us on the golf cart! Amber and I thought Ronald was a pot head with his blood shot eyes!
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Panda said...

so fun kenzie!!

woowoo said...

I'm happy you made Design Team ...great experiences!

Julia said...

How fun! Your hair school has the best activities for you guys. It always looks like you're having a blast. p.s. That Ronald McDonald is a tad bit scary...maybe it's the whole clown phobia thing. xo